1950 Healey Silverstone Jaguar Competition Roadster 

Chassis-Nr.: D 48 first Reg.No.: GAY 473

known owners.

How and Sons Ltd May 1950
H.M. Walker October 1950
David Boston September 1951 – 1954
W.E.J. Allen March 1954 -
Mr Hancock - 1961
Martin Ashby 1961 – 1966
E.F. Passingham 1966
Guy Griffiths, Gloucester 1966 – 1968
Griffiths-Woodley Collection Museum Chipping Campden 1968 - 1995

Michael Hawley England 1997 - Sept.2012

Manfred Vogelsaenger /Germany since sep.2012 (​Auction Bonhams  in Goodwood15.Sep 2012


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1952 Goodwood 4th June driver David Boston
1952 Goodwood 3th Aug. Driver: D.S. Boston St.Nr.: 318
1952 Goodwood 16th Aug 9 hour race driver D.Boston and Shattock 8th overall 4th in class
1952 Jersey 10th July Jersey Road Race. start no 15. 13th overall in Heat 1 and 21st in final driver David Boston
1952 Turnberry 23rd August driver D.S. Boston
1952 Charterhall 11th October driver D.S. Boston
1953 Goodwood 6th April driver David Boston
1954 Goodwood 27th March driver W.E.J. Allen

Raced in the 1950’s with Martin Ashby who installed a C type Jaguar engine in it.
Guy Griffiths installed a 3.8 litre Jaguar engine in it in the 1960’s and hillclimbed it with Penny Griffiths as the driver

 2002 18.Aug. Rallye: Shelsley Walsh
2004 27.June Bugatti Owners 75th Anniversary Hillclimb
2008 24.May Prescott / time: 56.43
2009 20.Sept. Shelsley Walsh Hill Climb St.Nr. 154
2010 1./2. May Shelsley Walsh Hill Climb
2010 17. July Shelsley Walsh Hill Climb

2013 05.-08.sept. Classics a la Carte. driver: Manfred Vogelsaenger, co-pilot: Delia Dickmann

2013 13-16.June Coupe des Alpes, Evion-Cannes,  driver: Manfred Vogelsaenger/Eike Klages

2014 30.Mai -1.June Historic Trophy elephant race, driver: Manfred Vogelsaenger/Eike Klages

2016 01.- 04.sept. Classics a la Carte. driver: Manfred Vogelsaenger, co-pilot: Luca Mische


Jaguar engine fitted in car in the 60’s and raced and Hill climbed by Penny Griffiths. The car has been extensively modified now with near full race engine and is Hill climbed by M Hawley since 1998.

In its current specification the 3.8-litre Jaguar engine has components from works Jaguar engines, produces approximately 275bhp (see test sheet), which is transmitted via a five-speed gearbox to a limited-slip differential with racing half-shafts. The 16" wheels are prepare with Blockley tyres: 6.00 front and 6.50 rear. Weight is 995kg (2,189lb). 


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